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Chromogenic Prints

Also known as “c-prints”, these are traditional photographic prints produced by exposing photosensitive paper to light, followed by chemical developing and fixing. The front end of my chromogenic process is digital, meaning the light source is either LED or laser rather than an enlarger as is used for (film) negatives. C-prints are relatively inexpensive and durable and generally have extensive tonal range and can produce very fine detail.

Mounted Chromogenic Prints

I offer a mounting option for my c-prints, using 2mm thick styrene. This material is durable, rigid and non-hygroscopic, and offers several advantages over unmounted prints as noted below:

  • Mounted prints ship flat, regardless of size (otherwise, loose 24" x 36" and 30" x 45" prints shipped rolled in a cardboard tube).
  • Mounted prints are easier to handle, with less risk of damage or fingerprints.
  • Mounted prints are easier to frame properly.
  • Mounted prints resist warping and wrinkling due to cyclical changes in temperature and/or humidity.

Fine Art Prints

Also referred to as “giclée” prints (although I hesitate to use that term due to its vague definition and rampant misuse), my fine art prints are produced using pigment inks on natural, unbleached, acid-free cotton and/or alpha cellulose paper. In addition to exceptional archival qualities, these prints offer a warm and rich look that adopt some of the base tones and textures of the paper itself.

Matted and Mounted Fine Art Prints

Don’t touch that print! It’s easy to be enthralled by a fine art print, but it’s best to keep handling to a minimum. That’s why every one that I ship (unless specifically requested) includes matting and mounting - the print is permanently sandwiched between a conservation-grade mat and a 1/4" thick acid-free foam core board. This creates a durable ready-to-frame assembly and eliminates the need to handle the print itself.

Framed Prints

I’m happy to supply ready-to-hang framed prints for any of my photographs. However, due to the large variety of frame materials, styles and colors at my disposal, I find it more practical to offer this as a custom option. Doing so allows us to work together to ensure that the finished artwork will match your decor and decorating style.

Contrary to what is stated in the above paragraph, I do offer several preconfigured framed pieces HERE. These are photographs that I feel are enhanced by a particular combination of complementary frame and mat(s). These are simply recommendations - customization is still an option.

Metal Prints

My metal prints are produced via a dye sublimation process in which a combination of heat and pressure are used to infuse the image into a specialized coating on an aluminum substrate. The finished piece has a clean and modern look, and the included hanger system floats the metal print about 1/2" off the wall for added depth and interest. No mat, frame, glass, hooks or wire are needed.